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    Live Chat Setup


    Setup Live Chat, so you can provide instant help to your customers using popular messengers or placing the widget into your website.

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    Having a live chat feature on your website is important for businesses today. A live chat feature is the online version of a sales associate approaching a customer who walks into a retail store. We’ll do the live chat setup for you.

    A live chat box will pop up as a user visits your site and ask the visitor if they need help searching for a particular product or brand, or if they have questions. The goal is to keep users on the site long enough for them to make a purchase decision.

    Setting up such a functionality on your website saves time and money, increases sales and customer satisfaction, builds long-term relationships with customers and gives your business a leg up on the competition.

    The Live Chat setup process includes:

    1. – Plugin Installation.
    2. – Creating a Google Account or using an existing one.
    3. – Linking Plugin to Live Chat account.
    4. – Chat window customization.
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