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    Some of our services

    Here some of our most popular features, but we can help with a wide range of WordPress tasks.

    No contracts. Simple, worry-free support. Cancel anytime.

    Does your site need a complete overhaul? We’ve got your back, and we’ll make the transition from old to new headache free

    New Features & Updates

    Want your site to do something new? Tell us what you need, and we’ll locate, install and configure it.

    Maintenance & Improvements

    WordPress Sites need maintenance. We’ll make sure your site is up to date and maintained properly.


    From page loads to SEO readiness, our team will get your site in top form, and keep it there.

    Changes & Fixes

    When your site needs updating and fixes, we’ll take care of it, so you have more time on your business.

    Emergency Care

    When your site has urgent problems, we will fix it and make sure you’re in great shape.

    Graphic Design

    WordPress Sites need maintenance. We’ll make sure your site is up to date and maintained properly.

    Security & Monitoring

    We will install a firewall to improve your websites security and monitor for malware 24/7 and backup. 

    Never stress about your
    WordPress website again

    Dealing with a flaky, unprofessional web developer? Still waiting to hear back grom your hosting provider about that support ticket you filed more than 24 hours ago? Tired of keeping up with regular maintenance needs or troubleshooting plugin issues all on your own?

    With CSA Team steering the helm of your website, you can finally stop worrying about those tedious maintenace tasks.


    Build a strong foundation for continued growth

    CSA professional website maintenance and support services are designed to make your life easier and build a strong foundation for continued growth through digital marketing efforts. CSA offers a wide range of digital marketing services, including:

    How it Works

    Step by step

    1: Sign Up

    Choose the plan that’s right for you.

    2: Submit Tasks

    Submit as many tasks and projects as you want.

    3: Responsive Communication

    We’ll send you daily updates and provide attentive client service.

    4: Kick Back!

    Focus on the bigger picture and enjoy more free time.

    A range of plans to suit any

    requirement and budget

    Choose from one of our WordPress support plans. Our plans gives you complete peace of mind that your website is taken care of 24/7! Our easy to use customer portal and a support ticket system makes website maintenance simple.

      • $ 99 Monthly
        • Dedicated developer
        • Unlimited WordPress tasks*
        • Submit tasks 24/5
        • One business day turnaround
        • Up to 5 hours/week
        • Detailed notes for every task
        • Up to 1 Site
        • Uptaime Monitoring
        • Theme, plugin, and core software updates
        • Site improvement suggestions
        • Backups and restorations
        • Priority emergency care
        • Project Management Software - By Request (Asana, Trello, Basecamp, etc)
        • Work Is Done During US Business Hours
      • Start Now
    Best choice
    • PRO PLAN
      • $ 299 Monthly
        • Dedicated developer
        • Unlimited WordPress tasks*
        • Submit tasks 24/5
        • One business day turnaround
        • Up to 20 hours/week
        • Detailed notes for every task
        • Up to 2 Sites
        • Uptime Monitoring
        • Theme, plugin, and core software updates
        • Site improvement suggestions
        • Backups and restorations
        • Priority emergency care
        • Project Management Software - By Request (Asana, Trello, Basecamp, etc)
        • Work Is Done During US Business Hours
        • Website redesign tasks
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    • VIP PLAN
      • $ 599 Monthly
        • Dedicated developer
        • Unlimited WordPress tasks*
        • Submit tasks 24/5
        • One business day turnaround
        • Up to 40 hours/week
        • Detailed notes for every task
        • Up to 3 sites
        • Uptime Monitoring
        • Theme, plugin, and core software updates
        • Site improvement suggestions
        • Backups and restorations
        • Priority emergency care
        • Project Management Software - By Request (Asana, Trello, Basecamp, etc)
        • Work Is Done During US Business Hours
        • Website redesign tasks
        • 1-on-1 Real-Time Chat Collaboration
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    Still have questions ?

    Getting started

    How do I get started?

    For a single emergency fix or any support plan, you can get started immediately. The sign-up process is simple and only takes 5 minutes. After sign-up you will have access to our client portal where you can immediately begin to request any help or support.

    What is your client portal and what does it look like?

    We’ve developed our own  client portal providing a support ticket system, a dashboard and other useful features. 

    What details do I need to give you in order for you to provide support for my website?

    We need your website domain (address) and your WordPress CMS credentials (user and password). In order to offer a truly comprehensive 24/7 service that enables us to fix your website under any circunstances, we also ask for your hosting provider credentials. Quite often, in the worst case scenario of a website going down, we’ll most likely need access to the control panel of the website via your hosting arrangements, hence the importance of holding this information. You can change those credentials in case you decide to stop services.

    What’s included and service details

    How does your support work?

    We use our own specially designed support ticket system for all plan customers. Our 24/7 team is highly responsive to any support tickets raised and having the issue detailed and recorded in writing makes it much easier for both you and us.

    How many support tickets can I submit each month?

    There is no limit on the number of support tickets you can submit. However, if any requests fall outside of the scope of your plan or the time it takes to make the changes you’ve requested is greater than any inclusive improvement time, we’ll  quote to let you know the cost of completing such work.

    What does unlimited emergency fixes mean?

    For Starters, Pro and VIP Plan customers we offer unlimited emergency fixes for the life of your plan. Any fix to your current WordPress website is covered no matter how big or small.

    Does it matter which hosting provider I use?
    No. We can support your website irrespective of your hosting arrangements. We can also manage the migration process from one hosting provider to another and even provide hosting if required.
    Can I raise a support ticket anytime 24/7?

    Yes, support tickets can be raised anytime 24/7. Critical issues flagged as high priority are looked into ASAP.

    How often do you apply updates?

    We monitor your website 24/7/365 and manually login to check your website once a week and apply any plugin, core and theme updates. Unlike other providers that use automated methods to manage updates, our team of WordPress experts check your website to ensure there are no issues after updates have been applied. If any issue or conflict is found we work on this until it's resolved.

    How often do you take backups?

    We keep 7 days of backups, so if in the extreme case we needed to restore your website from an earlier backup, we can do this quickly and easily.

    How do you keep my WordPress website secure?

    We typically install and configure Wordfence, a plugin endpoint firewall and malware scanner. It’s one of the very best WordPress security plugins, whilst also being ‘light’ and therefore not negatively impacting website speed. We can install alternative security plugins in line with specific client preferences. Either way, you can be confident your site is secure and can be quickly restored in the worst case scenario, thanks to comprehensive security measures and backups.

    Do you offer the following

    Do you provide custom development?

    Yes, if you require a custom development project, which is described on our Web Development page, we can provide an estimate to carry out any type of custom development work. This can include working on your existing WordPress website through to designing a new one from the ground up.

    Do you offer a plan that includes unlimited development?
    No, we believe an ‘unlimited’ plan generally doesn’t represent value in the long term for most clients. Instead we keep our price point low and allow you to pay for additional improvement time only when you need it.
    Can I call Cleaning Success Academy?

    As our team is based globally, we  interact with clients via email, live chat and a support. 

    Do you offer a free trial period?
    No. When we onboard a new website we undertake a thorough audit, which can often result in significant work being completed. As a result, we’re unable to offer a trial period given the nature and volume of work we complete in the early stages of supporting your website.
    Can you help me set up a SSL certificate?
    Yes, absolutely. Our Business plan includes a SSL certificate. If you have joined one of our lower tier plans then we can add a SSL certificate at a very reasonable cost.
    Do CSA provide web hosting?

    Our support plans do not include hosting but we can provide dedicated WordPress hosting solutions that are tried and tested to improve overall performance and stability. Please contact our sales team for more information about WordPress hosting solutions.

    Do you cover websites built on platforms other than WordPress?

    No, we’re focused on being experts in maintaining and supporting WordPress websites only.

    I have multiple WordPress websites, is there any discount available?

    We’re happy to negotiate a discount if you require support plans for multiple websites. We also offer a white label solution suitable for agencies, freelancers, developers or other businesses that want to outsource the maintenance and support of multiple WordPress websites.

    What kind of website improvements / development can you complete?

    There isn’t much our team of experts can’t tackle.We’re pretty confident that we can meet your objectives when it comes to making changes to your WordPress website. Examples of work we regularly complete includes; plugin customization, plugin development, custom theme creation, data migration, server setup or migration, custom fields etc.

    Do you have a SLA?

    No, we simply deliver the features of the given plan in line with our Terms of service. With regards to response and resolution timeframes, we always aim to acknowledge support tickets within 30 mins. We aim to resolve high priority tickets within 24 hours where possible (depending on the complexity of the request/issue), and 48-72 hours for Medium/Low priority tickets. Critical issues flagged as high priority are looked into ASAP to resolve as quickly as possible.

    Do you provide support for websites anywhere in the world?

    Yes, but all of our support and ticket responses are in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

    About Us

    Where is your team based?

    We have offices in the USA, Brazil and France. Some of our team work out of our offices whilst others work remotely in various locations across the world, ensuring we’re always able to provide a truly 24/7 service. Our team is made up of a bunch of amazing people from all kinds of different countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities - Our diversity is something we’re really proud of.

    What is the skill level of your team?
    Our team is made up of a wide range of highly experienced front-end, back-end and full-stack developers alongside a team of engineers, ensuring we deliver on client requirements to the highest standards. Our technical team is organized by a team of project managers, overseen by our Chief Technology Officer. The technical know-how of our team is extremely strong and there isn’t much we can’t deliver when it comes to WordPress websites.
    Are you genuinely available 24/5/365?

    Yes. Our team is located in various locations across the world to ensure someone is available to support your website 24/5/365.

    Why should I work with CSA over a different provider?
    Because we’re a great team that’s passionate about the service we deliver! We look after over 1,000 websites for a wide range of clients all over the world, many of whom have left us a glowing review. Quite often in life you get what you pay for; we feel our proposition structure and price point means that we’re able to offer a great service at amazing value.
    Do you use freelancers?

    No, all of our team members are employed by Cleaning Success Academy. Our people go through comprehensive skill based interviews and a thorough induction process to ensure we’re always hiring the best talent as your team continues to grow.

    Do you keep in touch on a regular basis?

    We pride ourselves in delivering regular customer communication. Each week, once we have applied updates and carried out any regular maintenance, we will send you an email to inform you that all the website metrics have been updated and available to review on the dashboard report within our client portal.

    Do you offer an affiliate programmer?

    No, we don't at this time but we offer referral contact us to learn more.

    Payment and Cancellation

    What happens if I want to cancel?

    We don't have a long term contract. Just contact our office to end your membership.

    How are plan payments collected?

    Plan payments are collected automatically via debit or credit card, recurring payment facility every 30 days.

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