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    How Do You Make a Cleaning Website

    How Do You Make a Cleaning Website

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    Do you not mind getting your hands a little dirty? Are you hoping to make a little money on the side? Then maybe starting a cleaning website is the right choice for you. To make a strong presence in this day and age, it’s important to have a strong online reach as well. Maybe you already own a cleaning business or maybe you plan to start one with a website, there is no hiding the fact that the Internet can be great a tool to attract new customers to your cleaning service. Regardless of whether you operate a residential cleaning company or a commercial cleaning business, your website will play a vital role in getting clients for your business. Making a website can be scary if you are not already familiar with such technology, but fret not as we have here a quick guide on how to launch a website for your house cleaning business.

    Why Do You Need A Cleaning Website?

    13 Shining Examples of Professional Cleaning Websites Before we get into how to make a cleaning website, it’s important to understand why. Cleaning services are amongst the most in-demand type of business these days, and having your own website is a great way to get noticed and generate leads and traffic. You should know that 97% of people learn about a local business online, and an additional 88% call or visit the service provider within the next 24 hours! On top of that, when you create a website, you are more likely to pop up on local searches than anywhere else. Cleaning websites not only serve as a place for potential customers to receive contact information, but a well-designed website can help lure in clients while elegantly explaining services and creating credibility with the target market. When you make a cleaning website, you not only spread your reach through an entirely new medium but also establish a predominant local presence. Random online users simply searching cleaning products could come across your services in the process and become clients.

    Eye-Catching Design Choices

    As we get into the basics of building a good cleaning website, an important subtopic should be the website layout and design. To attract clientele, it’s important to stand out amongst the competition. Your company’s cleaning website should reflect a strong brand’s image, so make sure to make it look neat. A streamlined design, which is straight to the point, is also a plus point. Remember that people have a lower attention span online, so you shouldn’t try to overcrowd words. Your website should clearly show everything along with some attractive images to keep attention. Similarly, know that when it comes to design and layout, white space is always your friend – so create plenty of white space and let your content breathe! Logo and branding are valuable are well. A pretty logo can grab attention just as easily as a pretty website. When branding yourself, catchy taglines are preferable as they’re both short and fun to remember. Using taglines is an effective way to linger in your clients’ minds. A short and quirky rhyming phrase can play around at the back of a customer’s head for days until they finally fold and visit your site.

    Make Sure Everything Is There!

    Cleaning Website Template | Website Design Services | Oryxcloud When you make a cleaning website, you have to make sure it contains everything you want your clients to see. From contact information to keywords, you need to have everything in there to effectively make a cleaning website, and we are here to help guide you through it!

    Contact Information

    Though it may seem obvious, you wouldn’t believe how many companies don’t put their information out in plain sight. No one likes spending more than five minutes trying to find contact information when they can just as easily go to another site! Your goal is to pull in clients as quickly as possible while maintaining their attention. When contact information is discretely hidden somewhere, people tend to lose their focus and desire to spend any more time on the website.


    You might not want to specify a price, but it is important to offer at least estimates of what clients are expected to spend.  You can have a range of a couple of hundred dollars or so apart without it being too much of a problem, but it is always best to be direct about your pricing.

    Customer Testimonials

    A good company should always flaunt its prowess. Having a page dedicated solely to customer reviews wouldn’t do anyone any harm. Oftentimes, a simple line or two from strangers on the Internet might just be the push needed for a sale! Long-time customers are also preferred in this case as they are more likely to review with experiences to recall. People tend to look out for customer reviews as social proof for trustworthy sources. Influential or locally-popular clients are hence valuable to mention as well; people online tend to trust a strong social presence. Your clients need to trust you in this case, as you would most likely be working in their homes or offices.

    Work Hour

    Though a lot of cleaning companies do not normally follow established work hours, there is no harm in indicating availability. You may like some days off and that’s entirely up to you and your business, but new clients deserve the right to know before potentially visiting your establishment.  


    Information online shows up in results through filters that only allow websites with particular words relating to the search. These keywords are extremely important when you make a cleaning website, as without them your website wouldn’t even show up in searches! You should always make sure your website has an appropriate amount of keywords relating to your service. Too little may lead to your site not showing up, though even too many keywords could lead to your site getting marked as spam! Balance is key and you should make keywords occur naturally without saturating the page. Investing in targeted advertisements on prominent search engines such as Google can also prove to be valuable. These advertisement spaces when purchased ensure that your website would always pop up when related keywords are searched.

    Social Media Presence

    16 Top Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence In 2020 - Unlimited Graphic Design Service Who says you need to stop at just a website? There are many ways to establish an online presence and social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be equally as effective, if not more. Nowadays, most millennials and younger generations don’t even check local businesses by their websites, and small online shops on Instagram and Facebook are thriving through their impressive reach. Platforms and applications such as these also tend to encourage interaction between clients and businesses. Direct messaging between customers and businesses allows a level of comfort when it comes to contacting you and discussing the services you offer. Some clients tend to feel anxious when it comes to calls or in-person interactions, and it’s important to respect that and offer easier alternatives for them. These applications also tend to be built on maintaining the attention of users. Younger audiences spend most of their day on these apps, and hence can be easily influenced by targeted advertisements on them. With the advanced selective algorithms of some of these applications, advertisements tend to have a huge pay-off – often reaching thousands of users! Social media accounts will also make it easier for friends and families to support you. Through a simple touch, your business could potentially reach another hundred or so people. Friends and family who want to see you grow will not hesitate to support you when it’s so easy!


    A good website depends entirely on how it’s run. Keeping contact information visible would mean nothing if communication lines aren’t maintained efficiently. A good communication line also often indicates a sense of professionalism on your part, which is what clients like to see in new businesses. Communication reflects a lot on a brand’s image and it’s important to recognize this and act accordingly when you make a cleaning website. Another factor to consider is how you communicate with clients. A kind and gentle approach is welcoming, so you need to always check your tone and manner of speech. It’s understandable to get annoyed by customers sometimes, but you should realize that when online, people can directly affect your business. A bad review could trend, and you can just as easily lose as many clients as you had gained. Kindness can also end up enforcing a lot too. If you’re nice enough to some clients, asking them to share your website link amongst their friends would seem like a natural obligation to them. With modern advancements in communicating through text as well, emotions are much easier to express and reflect upon with a simple emoji.


    If your company uses advanced cleaning technology or methods, it wouldn’t hurt to mention your uniqueness as well. People online strive to stick out, so it’s best for you to mention any special expertise you may have when it comes to cleaning. It may be the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, a neat robot, certification or accreditation, or maybe just an efficient labor force. People would be choosing your cleaning service out of a dozen potential results, so they need to know why you are worth being picked. It’s no use to be humble in this case; so try to flaunt your skills as openly as possible when you make a cleaning website.   It is also important to offer some attractive deals or catchy selling points when you start a new cleaning business. Though this may lead to some initial loss, the pay-off is worth it if the cleaning service is good enough for customers to want to keep coming back.

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